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“I left the IAS behind today. Yet another time, I left the ship which took me forward in the sea of life. Everybody who touched me in this expedition has been a fountain of love and affection unlimited, and which has fuelled this ship forward, and has made me surmount every tempest, every milestone, howsoever tough.
It is with utter equanimity and peace in mind that I cross this day today. This watershed that life witnesses is for getting me into vast but tranquil waters of hope and abundance. I look forward to greater togetherness with everybody who is a “friend”, in search for larger meaning of life together.”

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  1. Rajesh Menon says:

    Dear Sir

    While you leave the public service, kindly put up in this blog your experience in the IAS, mainly for the younger generation to look forward for IAS as a career. Does it really give a satisfaction after an IAS career. Is there a fulfillment in the end.. the younger generation is eager to get your experience sir

    Rajesh Menon

    • Ravi Saxena says:

      Thanks Rajesh for making a very pertinent remark. The reply is , however, not simple. Self actualisation for anybody depends on what were the objectives for which each person joined the IAS. It is obvious that different persons in the IAS would have different conclusions.

  2. P C Joshi says:

    Learnt about your ship anchoring today only. Best wishes for new vehicle RISE. Shall appreciate if you can send your e-mail id and mobile. Currently in US hence could not talk.

    P C Joshi

  3. Your quote above is a pleasant, encouraging and guiding message for all of us., especially the retiring persons for most of whom throwing the baggage they carried throughout their life is the most difficult task.And more difficult than that is initiating all together a new and enthusing phase of social concerns. I am really happy to connect with you courtsey LinkedIn.


  4. shirish Asthana Indian forest service maharashtra says:

    Respected Ravi ji

    I shall be thankful if you can e mail me your postal address/ E ID. we shall be in Ahmedabad during 17-19 feb for a social function. my ell is 9421010128

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